The Felon Next Door

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The Felon Next Door

FACT:  95 percent of the US prison population of 2.2 million will be released back into society.  Critical to their successful reentry into society is their ability to access safe, secure and affordable housing.

NEWS FLASH from US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): Landlords must accept felon tenants under new HUD “guidance.”  However, we can consider police reports, witness statements, charges filed, and other evidence to determine whether a criminal should be disqualified for tenancy.

They’re kidding. Right?  A STANDARD background check has just become an EPOCH background check.

All kidding aside, some poor buggers find themselves on the wrong side of the law before birth.  However, they have done their time and vowed to never go to the dark side again.  If we are sending them to a “correctional facility” are they not “corrected?”  Don’t they deserve a chance just one more time?

I’ve been asking other property managers in Las Vegas what they think.  We are all squirming, as this is a tough one.  Applicants with felonies will be reviewed case-by-case until I see a pattern to justify a policy.

Let me know what you think!


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