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Our management agreement is detailed and covers the responsibilities of all parties to the agreement

Metz & Webster Realty and Property Management is a successful brokerage because….

  • We provide professional, experienced property management services
  • We follow through on our commitments
  • We promote realistic expectations to our owners and tenants from the beginning
  • We regularly communicate with owners and tenants

 Did you know?

  • NRS 118A.260 requires that in the event of an emergency a responsible person may be called who either resides in the county or within 60 miles of where the premises are located.
  • AB 161 requires owner-managed properties to have lease signatures notarized.  The notary requirement is waived for permitted property managers.
  • The right to file bankruptcy is contained in the US Constitution.   Filing B/K is an “automatic” stay on all collections – including rent.  There are legal remedies available to landlords who work through the justice system for rent collection and/or eviction.

Metz & Webster stays current on legal matters that could effect your property.

Getting started

To begin property management service we will need a signed property management agreement.  Contact us today!

Investors can count on……

  • Documented rent-ready inspection and evaluation
  • Rehab coordination and management
  • State of the art online management system
  • Thorough tenant screening
  • Monthly newsletter/blog
  • Discount for multiple properties

→ No hidden fees, no early exit penalties, no renewal fees, no interior inspection fees !

Electronic signatures are legal in Nevada. Please ask about signing electronically to expedite all documents.

We look forward to hearing from you. Below is our Eviction Process Flowchart if you would like to view, download and/or print.

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