Can My Lease Be Terminated Because of Domestic Violence?

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We have a revision to the existing law regarding early termination of the lease due to domestic violence. The revision will become effective October 2017.

A victim of domestic violence can terminate the lease at any time during the lease term with proper notice and procedures met as provided in NRS 118A.345.  If all parameters are met the property manager must return the security deposit to the victim.  The victim is then able to disappear with no obligation to landlord for current rent, future rent, or damages to the property.

The revision:  Added to the victim list in the statute are those who have filed a temporary restraining order for harassment, sexual assault or stalking.

Lease termination due to domestic violence has not been seriously tested in court.  All property managers are standing by, breath held, in anticipation of case law. Whenever that will be.

Break-ins and Your Insurance Coverage

I am definitely not liking the stories I’ve been hearing from other property managers.  Thieves are targeting high-end areas, hacking security systems, backing up a moving van and emptying the place.  Appliances, air conditioning units – you name it – are gone, gone, gone.

Check your insurance policy for theft coverage!  REMEMBER that we have 30 days to rent the unit before coverage changes to something you might not like.  Every insurance company is slightly different, so check with your insurance carrier to review coverage.

July is on its way!  Have a safe and happy 4th 🙂

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